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Syntax courses (EGG 2017)

Introduction to syntax

An introductory course based on Koeneman and Zeiljstra's 2017 textbook. Slides are available here:

Issues in the syntax of case and agreement

An advanced course on recent developments in the syntax of case and agreement, looking at a few empirical motivations of moving away from Chomsky's (2000, 2001) version of Agree.

Slides/handouts are available here:

LaTeX links (EGG 2017)


Overleaf is a cool online LaTeX editor. You can use it after creating an account without installing LaTeX. It's also great to collaborate with people and it comes with many templates to use.

We'll be using overleaf today to introduce a couple of concepts. We prepared some templates for you to copy into your account and play around with them.

Getting LaTeX

Introductions to LaTeX and documentation

Linguistics in LaTeX